July 16, 2021


Warning: Contains spoilers

After 25 years, the Tunes are back in the game with now a new human was forcibly taken from the real world in Space Jam: A New Legacy. Bugs, Lola, and the Tunes get to know LeBron James, as he goes on a mission to save his son, Dom (Cedric Joe) from Al G. Rhythm (Don Cheadle) through a game of basketball.

When you already have something to expect from the movie, this was even more exciting because you will have a Warner Bros. geekdom in more than half of the movie. You get to spot a lot of characters from animations, movies, and series which I have already discussed here. We'll get more and you'll be excited and busy looking for them in every scene. The ones we haven't spot in the trailer gave a surprise in the basketball spectacle.

Justice League Easter Egg in Space Jam: A New Legacy

There's also one thing that crossed over from one animated universe. I was amazed to find another Easter Egg with the flying saucer A-113 -- if you're familiar with it, A-113 is always present in Pixar movies. The artists of Space Jam: A New Legacy I think deliberately put in on the scene to give tribute to their classroom while they start in animation at the California Institute of the Arts.

It is good that they somehow were able to connect it with the original Space Jam as the aliens of the Mean Team were also present as spectators of the game. If you're looking for Michael Jordan, you'll get a Michael Jordan as well. 😉 That's only the connection of these two movies and it's well-executed.

The Tunes are also getting an upgrade. Space Jam: A New Legacy combines 2D and 3D animation. Would this pave the way for them to be in 3D in upcoming movies and series? I hope so. Warner Bros. could create a new experience for its loyal and new audience with the new look of the Tunes.

On a serious note, this opens up the avenue for families to bond despite the available technology and discover their potentials. LeBron's acting was okay and not cringy if I'll assess it. I think he did better than Don Cheadle, no offense. 😉 I was also expecting more of Zendaya voicing Lola Bunny but I think she had enough airtime here to balance it with LeBron. But you still did a great job, Z.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is now streaming on HBO Max.

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