May 9, 2021

The scenes Steven Spielberg's captured in West Side Story 1961

I've just seen West Side Story of 1961. So I tried to look back on the trailer released a few weeks ago that was directed by Steven Spielberg.
I think it will capture almost all the iconic moments, shot by shot, from the 60s movie in his adaptation of the West Side Story in a modern day setting and West Side fans will have a trip on memory lane in these scenes. Let me break some of them for you from Act 1.
Maria prepares for her first dance in the United States. She is hesitant to wear a simple white dress but Anita helps her to wear it and she will be the most beautiful maiden in the event.
The dance event where everyone will be enjoying
Tony glances at Maria for the very first time 
Maria looks back towards Tony.
Tony visits Maria and meets him at the balcony after the dance despite the dangerous fate in store for both of them.

Have you spot more scenes that look similar from the 1961 and this year's version? Tell them in the comments below. Steven Spielberg's West Side Story features Ansel Elgort as Tony, Rachel Zegler as Maria, Ariana Debose as Anita, David Alvarez as Bernardo of the Sharks gang, Mike Faist as Riff of the Jets gang and more.

Opening December 10, 2021 in theaters worldwide, a Christmas musical event from Disney.
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