May 4, 2021

Marvel Studios launches Phase 4 with new movies release dates

Marvel Studios celebrates the movies by continuing the saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with their updated dates of releases.
We've seen WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which ushered the new phase with exciting movies and stories of the superheroes we all loved. Starting with Black Widow, after a year of delay due to the pandemic, we will finally see Natasha's story. Joined in with Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh, Robert Downey Jr (Tony Stark) and David Harbour. Opening in theaters, July 9, 2021.
Scarlett Johansson as Natasha

And Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings with Simu Liu, Awkwafina as Katy, Michelle Yeoh as Jiang Nan, Florian Munteanu as Razor Fist, Tony Chiu-Wai Leung as Wenwu and more to be released on September 3.
Simu Liu as Shang-Chi

Watch the trailers and see release dates below -- with a touching VO from Stan Lee✝ himself.

We also had a footage of Eternals, featuring Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani, Ma Dong-Seok, and more. Eternals will be in theaters November 5.
That's not all, Marvel surprised us with a reboot of Fantastic 4 entering the MCU. It's definitely something to watch out for.
We would really hope that the pandemic would be over soon so we'll all be able to see these movies in the theaters. See you at the movies.
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