July 14, 2019


As I walk inside the halls of The Theater at Solaire last Thursday for another theatrical preview, I was already prepared for cultural understanding despite of what's happening in the country today. Setting aside my political views and keep myself focused on appreciation of this work.
Joel Lamangan's Binondo: A Tsinoy Musical revolves around the love story of a man of pure Chinese descent and a Chinese-Filipina who embraced the foreign culture in search of love. The opening is expected to be grand and full of color, and delivered almost everything we know about the Chinese and the Chinoys in Binondo: that their network is so common, every one knows everybody and all their actions are based on feng shui mixed with religious faith.

Shiela Valderrama-Martinez plays Lily, a hopeful romantic singer at Lotus Bar makes a wish to the Chinese God of Love and finds Ah Tiong (Arman Ferrer) as he continues a song which she had forgotten a line. From there, things went fast and they both try to get across obstacles. But then there's Carlos (Noel Rayos), Lily's childhood friend who's secretly in love with her and shy to tell what he feels. As long as he sees the two together, he hides his pain. Though the story is about Ah Tiong and Lily, I am for Carlos on this one. If not for the political climate which stole the promise of returning back to China for some unfinished business, Lily will not be with Carlos. However, I think that Carlos has made huge sacrifices and that I think is true love.

That story line might be a huge spoiler for you who haven't seen Binondo. You will still enjoy the songs and production that this musical can offer. There are good laughs, cheesy romantic lines and colorful story. You can still see Binondo: A Tsinoy Musical today July 14, 3PM at the Theater at Solaire. For tickets, call TICKETWORLD at 891 9999.

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