June 19, 2019

ROCKETMAN movie review

Rocketman is Taron Egerton's most phenomenal performance yet!
Portraying the fabulous life of one of the greatest musical acts of all time, Elton John, Rocketman left me smiling and empathizing with the rock and roll legend. Taron will captivate the audience with his strong vocal power and acting versatility that will make you forget his stints as Eggsy in his other movies and Rocketman will mark him as one of the new young actors to date.

You won't be disappointed going out of the cinema without knowing the stories behind Elton John's greatest hits, his eccentric stage presence and costumes. In fact, it was full extravagance seeing this biopic. He teaches us that it's okay to be extraordinary and different. The movie also teaches us that it money and fame can't change who we are and we have to keep grounded and accept and realize ourselves.
Although they might have missed out some accounts which I am familiar with, like Lion King and etc, Elton John's story will be definitely remembered. This shows the full height of Elton John's life and the lowest of lows that makes it very beautiful. Watch Rocketman today!!!
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