May 16, 2019

THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR movie review

Saw a new millennial romance entitled The Sun is Also a Star, based on the young adult novel of the same name by Nicola Yoon who also wrote Every Thing, Every Thing. Starring
I haven't read the book but as what I can sense from the movie, I felt the shallowness of the plot and characters portrayed by Charles Melton (Daniel) and Yara Shahidi (Natasha). I got the point of making most of the time but come on, you have priorities! Especially for Natasha who was supposed to worry about her family's deportation the next day, but instead, she put it aside and flirted. Who does that? I may not be the target of this movie but I think it's ridiculous.

Also I am thinking of the realities of the distances of the places they went to within New York. From the lawyer, to the planetarium, to the park -- they already had wasted a lot of time for travelling. If someone who is in New York who is reading this right now, kindly confirm if I'm right.

I just got excited to see John Leguizamo who happens to be the two's lawyer on different issues. The only character who is real throughout the movie. To the Natasha and Daniel, forget it. They just do not contribute something good to the minds of the audience. 4/10 for the New York trip and the absurd love story.

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