April 3, 2019

SHAZAM! movie review

It's like breathing fresh air from DC's dark superhero universe. Shazam! marks a wonderful and funny representation than just saving the world and busting villains with incredible superpowers that makes it stand out from the serious tones of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and others.
The 14 year old alter ego finds himself in a mystical cave where he acquired his powers to defeat the 7 deadly sins. Discovering himself into an almost-perfect superhero but with a juvenile character with the help of a foster brother unfolds the funny and crazy antics that makes it unique. Captain Sparkle-fingers truly sparks joy and will be remembered by this generation.
Zachary Levi's humor could have fit the part but I think the costume paddings would be so buff and almost unnatural. This thundering superhero flick will have audiences cracking with laughter too. You'll love his foster siblings which are soooo relatable.
Stay until the TWO end credits scenes. Thank you Warner Bros. PH for the exclusive movie invite on IMAX.

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