December 12, 2018

AQUAMAN movie review

Warner Bros. Pictures' latest DC Comics live action Aquaman will sway to the waves of awesomeness in theaters!
Arthur Curry's (Jason Momoa) origin story is action-packed and I'm so glad that most of it happened underwater. James Wan has made it so exciting and the cinematography is so stunning and it's so different from its DCEU forerunners. Nicole Kidman and Amber Heard kicks ass and Patrick Wilson plays a good villain King Orm too. The underwater is also a good beauty regimen for Willem Dafoe and the others because their skin is so tight and it almost glows!
Creatures and costumes are very well executed and Aquaman's costume as King of the Seven Seas detailing and material. Don't forget the breathtaking views of the seven kingdoms underwater that are well-executed and well-thought of. If you will look very closely, you won't miss a very familiar cameo that Aquaman made not just a superhero action movie, but will make you laugh at some details.
Aquaman is now showing in cinemas and best viewed in IMAX.

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