May 29, 2018

BOOK CLUB movie review

The hottest "tita" movie this summer, Reality Entertainment brings Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Diane Keaton and Mary Steenburgen in taking to us to life adventures and connect it to Fifty Shades of Grey in Book Club.
It would look very funny as how people nearing their seniors "explore" on their "needs." And you will not expect how they put Fifty Shades in to a cleaner light and giving you life lessons. A cute and inspiring treatment that you would wish that you would hold on to friendships for more than 20+ years and still have something new to experience and talk about. Book Club tells us that we should live our lives individually and there are no wrongs nor rights in making choices, but lessons.

Candice Bergen as Judge Sharon is the life of the show, putting all career-driven women and men that would spark hope to failed relationships and learn from the younger ones. Jane Fonda teaches us that there will be a time that we will be tired moving on and get back to our first love. Mary Steenburgen adding spice to her married life would be the funniest and Diane Keaton is the luckiest of them all that there might be something out there that will bring the best in us.
Take your friends, young or old, and give them quite a lesson that old school and tech can go well together but most importantly, it connects us all. Book Club opens May 30 in cinemas.

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