April 14, 2018

Incredible trailer for the Incredibles 2!

Disney and Pixar is making new waves in the release of the trailer of The Incredibles 2!
In this new adventure, our favorite superhero family balances work and homemaking as Bob was left with the kids as Elastigirl takes off to fight crime with a new villain. Watch the trailer below:

Awesome and incredible is definitely how to put it and here are a few takes on the trailer:

Violet gets control as a bigger sister for Dash, teaching him about proper table manners.

Felt poor for Bob when his ego was stepped on as the government solely chooses Elastigirl for the job.

New house, new life! Dash loves mom's new job.

Bob's parenting skills which many can relate to.

There's Edna Mode, darlings. Nuff said.

And at least we know now that Frozone already knows where to find his supersuit.

Watch The Incredibles 2 in theaters this June!

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