February 7, 2018

A review: 'night Mother

PETA's 50th season-ender might be far from their usual productions with musical endings, but 'Night Mother is a must watch for every one with a mother and for everyone who knows or might be suffering from depression. It is running at the PETA Theater Center until March 18. I have never seen so much relatable play like this one and PETA has achieved new level of awareness and understanding mental illness and suicidal attempts.
The 1.5-hour play sets in the simple home of Jessie (Eugene Domingo) and Thelma (Sherry Lara) that resembles much of our mothers' and grandmothers' homes in the 80s or earlier and I want to congratulate the set designer for bringing the sense of home to the audience. It has transported us to a place where good memories in contrary what Thelma and Jessie would be discussing throughout.
It's a strong exchange of dialogues that were affecting us in so many ways and levels. Thelma's simple and motherly reminders to Jessie are very touching, makes me want to cry when I remember similar words from my mother. When she tells some things that I may have forgotten, where to find them and what they are for. Jessie's lines on the other hand much resembles of me, sometimes when our parents get stubborn, we get impatient but still we have to control. Eugene Domingo and Sherry Lara made us love their characters and portrayed Jessie and Thelma very well. And I think that's a very familiar scene in all of us. But in spite of many shortcomings between a mother and a child, memories last but we still love each other no matter what. There will come a time that we will decide our own fate and leave them and in the end, we will resort to their care and company.
The real issue that needs to be addressed is Jessie's depression and that Thelma failed to stop Jessie's suicide episode. I brighten and gives us a learning that we should always be there for other people. That the power of conversation is very important in every relationship. It was great to see members of the Philippine Mental Health Org are there to educate us about mental illness. If you are in need of mental health support please call the 24/7 HOPELINE at (02) 804.4673; (0917) 558.4673 or 2919 (Toll Free for all Globe and TM subscribers).
'Night Mother runs until March 18. Directed by Melvin Lee, in memory of Director Soxie Topacio.

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