August 31, 2017

A Game of Trolls

Ramon Magsaysay Awardee PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) is on fire creating a new musical tackling about Martial Law for the millennials. A Game of Trolls, makes its rerun from September 1-30 at the PETA Theater Center in Quezon City.
Very relevant in our time today when Marcos defenders are trying to bend the truth and ignores the victims of the dictator's ways, supporting extra-judicial killings through the internet and social media, as long as they play safe. The play starts by browsing Google, telling us that information is readily available in the internet. However, with the keyboard warriors existing today, it is very hard to verify which is true or not.

Then our main character meets different victims of EJKs, torture and disappearances during the Martial Law. From there, words and songs come and convene a strong message that should not be left for granted. They deliver the stories that haunted the critics of the past government and strengthens the idea that killing is never right at all aspects. A Game of Trolls deals with a very important subject but still affects the millennial generation of its light romantic lines and musical genre.
A Game of Trolls tells us that we should stick to facts. Any information that we see or hear should make us think not just once but even more than a million times. Each camp would say that the information of the other is biased but we should also be critical about it all.
I asked the creative team afterwards about what they can say to their fellow artists. Since it is a very vital for all of us to have a healthy discourse about this topic and I agree with that. Escalating it and engaging in a fight is never progressive. Since all of us have different political views, we should also learn to co-exist peacefully and base everything on facts.

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