June 21, 2017

Do we really need another Transformers movie? - my review

Here's what I think about Transformers: The Last Knight.
I saw Transformers: The Last Knight last night and I hope that this would be the last. Shooting it in 98% IMAX cameras just makes it meh. There have been a lot of 3D IMAX movies and the had been better way too much than giving us mere spectacle with Michael Bay's explosives and CGI. I've also got confused of who's really the villain somewhere in the middle and they even added unnecessary characters. Acting is cringe-worthy for Isabela Moner's character who's been so knowing-it-all on the Transformers' nature. The movie didn't establish her as a little heroine. And what happened to the 4 kids at the first half of the movie?
O, Mark Wahlberg was here pala.
It was trying to compose another origin or historical account on the living robots with a short-lived so-called robot-goddess, Quintessa. Great to see Bumblebee to rebuild itself after being torn into pieces. But I am still thankful that they acknowledged the presence of Sam Witwicky (Shia Labeouf) in the movie that might have lighten it up a bit.

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