June 20, 2017


Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson risk everything for love in WB's new teen romance, Everything, Everything which opens tomorrow, June 21 in theaters.
The movie revolves around Maddy (Stenberg) who has been confined inside her house by her mother because of a rare disease called SCID. She hasn't left her house as she may be exposed to different bacteria which can lead to her death. Then a new neighbor comes in as Olly (Robinson) who was very curious and eager to meet her. The conversations got more intimate that resulted to running away and then meeting the consequences of being exposed to the environment.

As a blooming teenager like Maddy, she was very curious about the world outside the confines of their house. Her eagerness to come out and be with Olly in the world has led her to some very unlikable things for a young woman and running off with a guy she knew so little. This was just all a little girl's fantasy and as adults, I think there's a great responsibility that we have to check about this. I think we're missing the point that she doesn't have any money to start with, getting her own credit card online (which is very dangerous for a girl to give out details to the world), and running away cross-country with who knows what would happen. It may be just me and my pessimistic mind but it is a very dangerous movie for young ones. It encourages young girls to keep secrets from their parents which is not good.
Everything, Everything opens tomorrow. I advise parents that you should talk to your kids if they are watching this.

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