April 20, 2017

WIT theater review

TwinBill theater's new production WIT gave a stronger reason that all of us are just mere basic living things that will some time fall to the ground, no matter how much we strive for greater things and search for superiority of one self than others.
It was a lecture on medical terms. Thanks to Tami Monsod, who plays Ms Vivian Bearing, who gives an elaborate explanation of her ovarian cancer with proper diction despite the consequences of putting this play in an auditorium with less the quality of acoustics to hear the words uttered herein. The story gets more and more interesting as she narrates her childhood and life as a college professor and doctor of literature. It was also very impressive of her to shave her head and immerse into the character, making her perfectly fit for the role.

The woman called Vivian Bearing was a very special individual. Her confrontations with cancer are very inspiring, but nevertheless, her innocence and eagerness to learn about her illness and to face her strong medications are exceptional. It will take you up in happiness and chase your younger years.
Tami Monsod as Vivian Bearing
Mikkie Bradshaw and Bibo Reyes as the nurse and doctor respectively are two of the important roles in Vivian Bearing's life. Two very different characters which stood by her side in her last moments. The nurse, made her comfortable and looked after her as if she is the only family left, and the doctor, in his adrenalized emotions, giving abrupt judgements on the cancer is somehow funny.

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