March 29, 2017

Michael Keaton is the King of Flight

From Batman to Birdman to Vulture, Michael Keaton is truly the king of heights conquering all these roles in his lifetime. Also getting awards to Birdman as a retiring actor with only one notable role, it should have been very easy for Michael Keaton to have wings as the antagonist, Vulture, in the newest Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man Homecoming.
Spider-Man Homecoming discusses how young Peter Parker wants to get back in the normal life after his thrilling adventure with the Avengers. Returning home with his Aunt May and under the eyes of mentor Tony Stark, he is distracted by the thoughts of proving himself as not just an average webbed superhero. In the trailer, Michael Keaton as Vulture shows his wide wings and threatens our webbed hero and those he love. Watch this:
So from his Bat-cape, Michael Keaton now sports a pair of metal wings to beat up our swinging hero. I'd also love Spidey's auto-fitting costume and doesn't need tailoring. Thanks to uncle Tony Stark.
Spider-Man Homecoming comes to theaters, July 7, 2017.

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