January 25, 2017

THE GREAT WALL movie review

One of the legends about the Great Wall of China is it served as protection of the Chinese from conquering tribes and nations. Little we know that there are a lot of legends about the Great Wall and Matt Damon presented one of the epics that is believed to have spared the Chinese nation from alien creatures. Now showing in cinemas.
You will be delighted with the production value on creating a large Chinese equipped with impressive warfare and amazing tactical moves. In this case, there is equality among the citizens. Men and women fight against enemies alike using their acquired skills in training. Even the next general was a woman when no man questioned her capabilities. However, I think a dialogue speaking about honor or pledging over their lives is a very Japanese thing.
I think that it's better to watch this on 3D when the graphics are really okay and for you to appreciate the details on each of the cut. Costumes, props and even the sets are very detailed. There are just some things that you might not imagine if the movie is set more than thousands of years ago and for a war setting that uses modern technology to fight.

Anyway, it not a waste of time to watch The Great Wall. In fact, it's very amusing to see. You will be amazed with the Chinese, really, with all the fighting stuff going on. Some of the things are discoveries and expedition-related - by the way, Matt Damon is a Western soldier who continued the search for black powder and ended up in the monster-threatened China.
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