December 4, 2014

My hangover and all that jazz

Opening yesterday, Chicago at Solaire would be my favorite experience so far. Re-familiarizing myself at the melody of the longest running musical (not to mention the awesome seating placement inside the theater), I can say that the experience is surreal. Cozy resting at the seat, the comfy air-conditioned new Theatre and its fantastic sound system, I am all set for the musical. I could ran out of words as I'm pretty impressed with what I saw last night.
As the curtain rises, you will be excited with the opening music "All That Jazz" conducted on live orchestra. Remembering the movie of the same title, I can think of Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellweger coming up to the stage.
Photo: Oliver Oliveros; shows L-R: Bianca Marroquin [Roxie Hart], Terra C. MacLeod [Velma Kelly]
Bianca Marroquin and Terra C. MacLeod plays Roxie and Velma, respectively. The dance was so intense that the guys and gals of the ensembles I think of are boneless as they grace Bob Fosse's steps so gracefully and strong. I don't know how the ensemble still looked fresh throughout the production, but when you see those steps, you'll get tired! The guys are amazing.
Bianca's voice is flirty and she sounded perfectly funny singing the tunes of "Roxie" and more. Terra MacLeod's choreography with the chairs and all is flawless. The cast also have chances to play their parts with the audience. Like how Mama Morton winks and teases, I am attached easily. Mary Sunshine also managed his voice, (the cast is a he) in high pitch. The whole ensembles is power! Even Mr. Cellophane Amos gets the sympathy of the audience with his rendition of the song.

For me, the musical is definitely a must-see. If you loved the movie, you will love this better. It will be playing at Solaire's The Theatre until December 21 only.

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