September 24, 2013

a casting call for RAK OF AEGIS

PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) posted on Facebook and in my surprise, the high-pitched Filipino rock band Aegis will be in tune in the latest musical, Rak of Aegis!
a casting call will be held on September 25-26, at the PETA Theater Center in Quezon City and you have to prepare for these roles; and of course, your vocal chords:

Production: PETA's "Rak of Aegis"
Date: Sept 25-26 PETA theater center 3pm-7pm

MARY JANE – 40, papuntang noveau poor (prepare the ff songs: LUHA, HALIK)
AILEEN – 20, promodizer; anak ni Aling Mercy (prepare the ff songs: LUHA, BASANG BASA SA ULAN: preferably original key)
KENNY – 20, anak ni Mary Jane sa pagkadalaga, bad boy ang dating (prepare the ff songs: SINTA, ROCKIN IN THE CITY)
JEWEL - 18, baklang bestfriend ni Aileen
TOLITS – 19, nagmamaneho ng bangka, gusto si Aileen (prepare the ff songs: SINTA, I LOVE YOU NA LANG SA TAGO)
KIEL – 42, short for “kilabot” ng chicks (noong panahon niya); ama ni Aileen (prepare the ff songs: SINTA, LUHA)
ALING MERCY – 41, ina ni Aileen, asawa ni Kiel, (prepare the ff songs: LUHA, HALIK)
FERNAN – 45, separado, may pera; taga ibang subdivision; kunwari concerned pero actually self-absorbed (prepare the ff songs: SINTA, MARY JANE)

Chuwariwariwap- (5) Chorus members, choose from the ff songs: Halik, Luha, Basang Basa sa Ulan, Sinta, Rockin in the City

if you're not familiar with the songs, here's a sample of Halik:
for more info contact: Pam Ovejas: 0917-5260534

i am still clueless about the storyline and plot, but i am really curious about it.

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