July 24, 2013

THE WOLVERINE movie review

it was a great privilege to see the latest mutant movie The Wolverine before it hits the theaters. this newest flick shows us Logan's (Hugh Jackman) vulnerability, physical and emotional and how he rises stronger than ever before.
living at 3 generations in Japan, Logan is summoned by the person he saved during the war. upon death of who he trusted as a friend, he discovers plans that will drive him to his mortality which he wanted more. this to catch up to his ever-love Jean Grey who troubles him every time he sleeps. evenmore, to protect great inheritance passed on to younger generation. confronting forces that prevent him from saving the sole heir to the riches, he discovers he is lured in to a trap that will make him choose to live as a mortal.
the action filled movie deliberately showed us the Wolverine's power, strength and vulnerability in one screen. following big fight sequences, especially the bullet train scene, providing more entertainment is the humor factor that goes after. the stranger Logan has to learn many about the culture of the place he's in. making him more human like we never knew.

villains Viper, the Silver Samurai were really neat however i didn't feel much about Viper. villains use each other for one's benefit. it would be mistaken he will be Poison Ivy or somebody else until she sticks her tongue out.
Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova)
in general, i liked The Wolverine and surely i recommend that everyone watch it. may it in 3D or 2D, the story is really amazing and fight scenes give really much attention to our hero. it was not even tiring to see and you'll be waiting so much more. (a sequel maybe?)

just a piece of advise, don't go yet when the movie is done. you have to stay a little during the credits for something to watch out for.

opening July 25 worldwide, directed by James Marigold for 20th Century Fox, distributed in the Philippines by 20th Century Fox Philippines.

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