March 16, 2013

THE CROODS movie review

a movie for the whole family, THE CROODS takes you on an adventure of survival and making your life worthwhile for everyone around you. the roller coaster journey of the first family is a combo of laughter, drama, courage, and love.
THE CROODS are just your average family, an over-protective father, an open-minded mom, a granny that doesn't believe much of his son-in-law, a teenage daughter, a meat-head son, and a wild child. together they were confined in a cave and gets out in fear looking for their means of survival. but when their cave got destroyed from the continental drift, the Croods finds it hard to adjust themselves.

in every family, the teenage child always gets into the curiosity and urges to take some new adventure. Eep (Emma Stone) opens her world into new thinking that her father would not sink in. adding to Grug's (Nicolas Cage) own fear is Eep's separation to his domain by meeting Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a smart boy that has relatively experienced many things in survival.
being stuck in an evolving world, THE CROODS is a colorful journey through earth's change. notice that accepting change is a subliminal subject in the movie. close family ties is also very prominent that everyone can relate to, especially fathers to their daughters. relationships should be reciprocative though it entails sacrifices. every action takes a noble character.

THE CROODS is also a visually-enticing movie for kids. with weird creatures that are ongoing evolution, kids and adults alike think on identifying these creatures and even so the animals they resemble currently. it's a great watch in 3D.

THE CROODS opens March 22, 2013 in Philippine cinemas. distributed by 20th Century Fox Philippines.

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