August 17, 2012

the magical world of THE WIZARD OF OZ

kids will definitely have an extravagant view in Repertory Philippines' The Wizard of Oz which opens tomorrow, August 18. the Theater for Young Audiences section of RepPhils has developed the show in every sense in which eyes will never be taken out of the stage and still provide an underlying lesson to think about. a very colorful show featuring the adventure of Dorothy, Tinman, Lion and the Scarecrow in search for the wizard to grant their wishes.
just like in the movie with Judy Garland as Dorothy, the beginning of the program is it's sepia tone. but colors appear grandiosely as the story progress. most vibrant colors are in the world of the Munchkins.
and the Emerald City are in its greenest! the entire stage transforms to hundreds of shades of green and there's this undefinable feeling. it's like you don't want to change a channel when you're watching TV because of the great show you're seeing.
they won't sing the songs from the movie, it's not a Hollywood staging. but songs are as catchy as you can sing them after you saw it. it's like a green disco ball at the end of the road where people dance and just have fun. on the other hand, it's also a place where people find answers.

our actors are good storytellers. not to mention under the direction of Ms. Joy Virata who has been given notable recognition after the show. how do i love theater when they bring me back to my childhood?
the show will be running until December so it's also great to see it in the Christmas season. it is at Onstage theater in Greenbelt 1, Makati City.

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