June 29, 2012


all i can say is it's totally different from Tobey Maguire's first movie. approach is even younger and it's much more closer to the comic version. in addition to that, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's real life romantic factor makes it the best romantic superhero movie ever!

director Marc Webb has really made effort to bring back Spider-Man's glory to all his fans from the previous franchise which features Tobey Maguire. i admit that that series gets more and more disappointing. trailers really rose anticipation about the villains, but when you see the movie, it would suck.
Peter Parker's curiosity is very much expressed in this movie as he was portrayed as a nerdy student. it seems like he was very much impressed to himself and does anything he thinks he can do. and as Spider-Man is very much mutant in the previous movies, Peter Parker' webs are from a wrist band.

action moves are really fast and very clean. except for that emotional scene where Spider-Man was trying to swing from crane to crane with the help of the operators which looked kinda awkward. it makes me cringe. i think the drama is not needed there.

you will really anticipate a sequel in this one. and i wonder who will be Mary Jane since Emma Stone might be out of the picture. or will it focus on Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane's cat fight over Peter? who knows, it would be very exciting. haha
The Amazing Spider-Man now crawls in theaters by Sony Pictures.

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