May 16, 2012

PETRA MAHALIMUYAK hosts Kanta Pilipinas online

the local talent search of TV5, Kanta Pilipinas, will be sharing to us behind the scenes and exclusive footages of the road to the newest singing sensation. and all of it will be online! the clips will be seen on KP ni Petra channel on the Kanta Pilipinas website.
Petra Mahalimuyak, aka Ashley Rivera, hosts this online show which will feature different sides of the Kanta Pilipinas show, the auditions, contestant features, drama and even funny behind-the-scene features that will give more entertainment juice to those who will follow it.

Petra Mahalimuyak aka Ashley Rivera
she is a graduate of Center of Asian Culinary Studies Philippines and the new rising star known to her videos that went viral on Youtube when she was in Las Vegas. she is also the famous endorser behind Dove Shampoo and Conditioner, Samsung, KFC and Globe Tattoo. now that Kanta Pilipinas hooks her in for hosting, no second thoughts that she accepted the offer.

aside from the live auditions held at different regions in the Philippines, Kanta Pilipinas brags to hold the first online auditions. now, aspirants who weren't able to get in the auditions may have the chance to get on that sought after stage. just upload your song via Youtube and share it with Kanta Pilipinas. it's as easy as Sing-Learn-Laugh and Share.

you can follow updates of Kanta Pilipinas through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. just search for Kanta Pilipinas and @Kanta_Pilipinas. join in the conversation with #kantapilipinas.

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