July 8, 2011


on the third installment of the car-robot franchise, Transformers: Dark of the Moon will give you a hi-intensity killer machines that we believe to be the saviors of the universe. good to see in 3D especially in SM digital cinemas and IMAX theaters across Manila.

set in two different times, 1969 and the present, we once believed that the expedition on the moon is just human excitement. but as NASA is at the discovery of a very classified information, they have launched Apollo 11 to the moon. and there the existence of rather more complex intelligence exists and the citizens of Cybertron are upon us.

in the present time, Sam Witwiki is in the search for a job to make his parents ever prouder and for the future with the new girlfriend. but once the job is acquired, he is also hunted by the Deceptecons. being the messenger and the one closest to the Autobots, Sam is the perfect gateway to get into the headquarters. and they had it successful and Sentinel had betrayed them.

however, Autobots can't leave us all by ourselves. they still have the attachment to the human beings and they will serve the humans and protect the planet. it's good to see other robots like Shockwave, Sentinel, Megatron and the others giving a full blast in the movie. one thing that i just find weird is Carly, (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) in any way she gets rolled or jumping from falling buildings and crashing choppers, she never gets dirty and still maintain that poise. she didn't have that same charm as Megan Fox though. and Patrick Dempsey is a villain! i'm just not used to it since he was this goody-goody leading man from movies and TV series and i think it lacks that acting power.

and for a Transformers movie, you will really expect machine details like the first installments. you will be just get used to it.

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