July 3, 2011


Dear Dad,

This might be the best gift that you'll ever give me. I won't ask for anything else and this would not be a very costly one. A good investment for a long-term fun and quality time. Okay, here it is. I want a Samsung Smart TV! Hahaha!

That would be a practical joke to my father but it would be better if he grants me my wish. I know that having a Samsung Smart TV would replace all entertainment appliances at home. And talking about wanting a Samsung Smart TV, there is an ongoing contest on Facebook that will give you a chance to win the item that I am dreaming of. And this is very much dedicated to our fathers -- it's the Samsung Smart TV Dear Dad contest. If you win, you might bring home a Samsung D6600 Smart TV 46-inch or Samsung D5500 Smart TV 40-inch.

1. On Facebook, Like the Samsung Smart TV PH Fan Page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Samsung-TV-PH/192215657481133) and register for the Dear Dad Contest.

2. Select or create your own letter that you want to send your Dad.

3. Type in your Dad’s name and write a personal message about how you can bond with him through a Smart TV.

4. Type in your Dad’s email address and click send.

5. Post it on your wall, share to your friends and get a chance to win a Smart TV for you and your Dad!

You don't have to worry to get mushy or bribe your father composing this letter. It is a generating app that will give you the simple letter. Try to search for my entry in the application and you can make your own too.

There are a lot of things you can do with the Samsung Smart TV. The first and only TV app in the market that can let you browse and watch videos online, read blogs, play games. Who knows what are the other possibilities with the Samsung Smart TV? What would you tell your dad?

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