March 1, 2011

SENIOR YEAR movie review

most of us have went through the toughest times in high school. but we all also admit that even though we have the most difficult endeavors with the teachers and even classmates, we can say that we enjoyed that period in our lives.

that's what we can see in SENIOR YEAR - a movie by Jerrold Tarog. it features students in co-ed institution that undergo certain circumstances as an individual. in life, we experience pressure, encounter gossips, bullied, rotting relationships, love and sometimes, confusion. but as we are struggling, we find people who are there to support us, that know how to get out of it, resolve it and move on.

in every aspect, there is a certain attack and will make you realize that you've been in that part. you can certainly relate to what these children portray. actually, the acting is seamless and effortless. sometimes i see myself in the shoes of these kids. and then i realize that i survived high school and i laugh at the instances that i can relate to.

and 10 years after our graduation in high school, i am excited of how people come about with their lives. reunion might be not to far and there are a lot of things happened after that time.

the cast is composed of the students of a school in Alabang with the participation of professional actors like RJ Ledesma, Dimples Romana, LJ Reyes, Arnold Reyes, Che Ramos and Ina Feleo.

SENIOR YEAR starts screening in SM Cinemas nationwide on March 9. and teachers and students who will watch the movie can get a discount. just present your SCHOOL ID and pay only Php 100 in entrance.

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