March 26, 2011

play ALTERSPACE if you love the Earth

we have only one chance to save the planet and there is a great way to know everything and learn how to save it. saving the planet is very important because it provides our everyday sustenance. without it, we are not able to survive. there are a lot of things to love the planet -- the diversity, natural wonders, amazing occurrences and the best of it all, life.

a proudly Filipino-made game will teach us how to take care of the environment. Alter Space -- a Facebook game that helps us realize the effects of what the planet is currently experiencing today, global warming. it features games on how to reverse the effects by real practical tips that we can encounter inside the game.

tonight as we celebrate "Earth Hour," we can check out the games on Alter Space like the following:

DEFROST THE FRIDGE REGULARLY – That’s a tip from Alter Space. Playing the game generates Earth-friendly tips that save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

ALTERNATIVE POWER SOURCE – Playing Alter Space required gamers to find sources of clean energy, or “Cleanergy” as AboitizPower calls it. These include solar energy, hydro-electric
power and geothermal power.

YOUR OWN PLANET – Is your house a mess? Well, how about taking care of an entire planet? Alter Space lets gamers protect their own planets by reducing their Carbon Footprint.

WATER POWER – Water is one of the best sources of clean energy. The Alter Space Hydro Plant mini-game teaches the importance of harnessing water to create energy.

this is a very nice game to enjoy by you and the kids. not only you had fun, but you learn to take care of the environment. and don't forget to support Earth Hour tonight at 830PM - 930PM.

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