October 27, 2010


the origins of Facebook is traced in Columbia Pictures' highly-acclaimed movie of today's generation, THE SOCIAL NETWORK. starring Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg; Justin Timberlake as Napster founder-turned-president, Sean Parker. the film is directed by David Fincher and is now showing in theaters nationwide.

the film is really interesting in this time today. you will be amazed on how it all started as a joke and great opportunity came. having a brain like Mark Zuckerberg's is a gold mine. not only hailed from Harvard, he just did what he likes -- up to the extent that he has to diss his ex-girlfriend. imagine blogging for longer hours which only took him to earn thousands of hits in just 4 hours! that's a very hard achievement for a site owner.

i admire the way that Mark Zuckerberg speaks. it may seem a little nerdy but we have to admit. we take a look at other people's social network profiles to sometimes take the negative out of them for us to throw something back at them when things don't go our way.

know how to speak like a Harvard student. it's kind of inspiring to go back to school again, minus the algorithmic language that Zuckerberg speaks. and from there, his friend Eduardo (Andrew Garfield) saw the opportunities in business.

we always see movies of law students in Harvard. here, we saw the application of law and how people can use their power, greed and even greater potentials. it served that we should be grateful of the education we are getting and should strive for it.

Justin Timberlake's breakthrough performance as Sean Parker is amazing. you will like him for his radical and creative business ideas but hate him for a being a user. but i would like to commend Mark Zuckerberg for making a good business decision of choosing Sean Parker as a partner-consultant. if it wouldn't for Parker, we will have a corny social network name and an ugly Facebook. these two have the violating ideas but they converted these ideas to money.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK is really a must-see. this is a mirror of our generation and makes an individual stronger. in ways that you cannot imagine, you can start kicking someone's a** and laugh at how they treated you. we can attest that karma is a b*tch.

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