August 22, 2010


Yeh Hsien is a lovely orphan girl under the ill-treatment by her evil stepmother and stepsisters. she works for them, doing chores for them and they abuse Yeh Hsien by punishing her.

one day as she was going to fetch water by the river, she found a red carp who talks. a magical carp that she doesn't know even grants wishes. this red carp became her new friend. as they became closer, her frequent visits alarmed her stepmother. thus, one time she followed Yeh Hsien and they found out where Yeh Hsien puts her time in. her stepsisters caught the fish and their mother thinks to put it to dinner. smart enough, Yeh Hsien bought another fish and returned the carp to the river so it could be free again.

meanwhile at the palace, the emperor is worried before his 21st birthday. he has to find his bride if not, the throne will be transferred to his 4-year old cousin who is not capable of ruling the empire.

on the night of the Spring Festival, in which Yeh Hsien should not come for she was forbidden by her stepmother, the carp runs to rescue her with a dazzling dress and golden shoes. all of which expires by midnight and she will return to her original look, the dirty Yeh Hsien. so when she went at the festival, she took everybody's attention including the emperor. and as the magic will expire, she left her shoe at the palace.

when the emperor looked for the mystery girl, he ended up to Yeh Hsien's home but she was hidden from the sight by her stepmother. and the other stepsister was forced to wear the golden shoe in spite of the pain since it is too tight for her. also, the emperor was forced to marry her and Yeh Hsien cried in emotional pain.

but her stepsister couldn't take her pain anymore, she took off the shoe and threw it to the river but wouldn't let go of the emperor. the red carp appeared and told the truth as Yeh Hsien appeared before the ceremony. she fits the shoe and she was recognized by the emperor. they lived happily ever after.

here is the preview of The Princess and the Red Carp:

Theater Down South stages the wonderful and funny story of The Princess and the Red Carp. starring Kahna Cortez as Yeh Hsien and the young cast reliving the enchanting story of Cinderella in the Chinese setting. songs by Michael Williams (director) and Joonee Garcia who also played the second stepsister. kids will love this production because of the wonderful colors and songs. aside from that, audience will get to participate in a part where they serve as villagers when the emperor looks for the owner of the shoe which is so much fun. songs are original and easy to recall and you might be singing them even after the show. a great job for the members of Theater Down South.

Show Schedule and Venue:
August 22, 29 - September 5, 12, 19 at 3:00 PM
Insular Life Theater, Filinvest Corporate City,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

For more information, contact them by:
Mobile Phone: +63 916 6436976
Duo Landline: 02 5056380

search for them in Facebook at
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  1. our profoundest thanks for coming to see the premiere of the Princess and the Red Carp, we hope to see thee again when we walk the streets of Rome in Sondheim's "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" this October.


  2. @the barefoot baklesa: i really enjoyed the show. the songs gave me an LSS. can i get a copy of it? hehehe


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