March 9, 2010


the young multi-awarded actor John Lloyd Cruz not just make us laugh or squeeze empathy from the audience from each movie that he does, he also makes sure that we are in good health. trusting Biogesic, the country's leading headache and fever reliever, he shares to us his moments with the known brand.

with his hectic and tiring schedule as an actor, he still manages to be healthy. and he is taking Biogesic to relieve out of the stressful activities. and it is not just John Lloyd Cruz who is privileged to know the power of Biogesic, he wants us fans to know its benefits. the phrase "Ingat!" definitely coined with the actor and Biogesic.

Biogesic also supports the actor in his activities. with his latest box-office movie, Miss You Like Crazy, John Lloyd plays a serious man falling in love with a playful girl played by Bea Alonzo. getting a girl is really a tough thing to do and it gives you headaches. and worse, torn between two ladies added the problems he is taking in. so taking a dose of Biogesic really takes the pain away.

if you haven't seen Miss You Like Crazy yet, you better should. it is now playing for two weeks and hitting the cinemas.

the trailer itself is really kilig.

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