March 6, 2010

AFTER THE FACT - the Lopez Museum tour

there are lots in store for you every time you visit a museum. i have been in different museums all over Manila and each one gives a different perspective and addition to the knowledge that i read on books. i think everyone grew up with acceptable facts, but less we know of the other things from the perspective on the other side of the story.

the Lopez Museum and Library offers that. unfolding half a century of the Lopez Museum and Library, it doesn't only display a wide appreciation in arts and crafts but a story within that piece of article can be told. the fine pieces of art collected by Eugenio Lopez Sr. reflects the history and experiences of the Filipino people starting from the Spaniards era. both positive and negative perspectives of history includes suggestions from the artists' point of view. this collection is entitled AFTER THE FACT.

on display right now are different works by Juan Luna, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, and Fernando Amorsolo. and there are pieces in "other perspective" and take from contemporary artists. details are further explained and will be understood by visiting guests.

like the famous EspaƱa y Filipinas by Juan Luna, we can see that two mother lands (as Spain and Philippines), look forward to a brighter future. a promise of Spain to Philippines of a greener pasture with beautiful roses in it. Juan Luna implied that the Philippines will be stepping on roses thorns as it continues to be under the power of colonizing Spain. Juan Luna was known as a propagandist, side by Jose Rizal and others.

speaking of Rizal, there are other documents that are displayed in the Lopez Museum. books and pictures that have been part of history will provide us a glimpse of another history.

history, heritage and art are combined inside Lopez Museum. a reasonable price of Php 100 upon entrance gives access to the galleries and the library. this can be another addition to destinations during field trips and even if you just want to visit it with a small group.

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