February 5, 2010

Welcome to BusinessWorld, Pres. Gloria Arroyo

yesterday, i have been hearing hearsays that the president of the Philippines is coming to our office here in BusinessWorld. and so this day confirms her arrival.

i don't know her agenda roaming around the different media publications here in the Philippines. maybe this is because it is the last of her term as president of the Philippines. lucky that i had the chance to meet her and even shake hands with her, i also had a lot of questions related to the controversies she had during her term.

a lot of people may not like her but i am proud to admit that i voted for her during the 2004 elections. and her will to how she stayed in power for serving the country for 9 years. of course media had it on record but i want to know it first hand coming from the president herself. i wish i could do that.

if you had the chance to ask things to her, what is it? maybe if i get the chance, i could ask her things that you said. hehe

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  1. Parang aparisyon lang ang picture (LOL)

  2. @Flowell Galindez: salbahe ka talaga! hahaha mabilis lang nga sya lumakad e kaya ganyan ang picture.


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