February 12, 2010

JUICY CAT DOLLS - No Preservatives Added

three OPM legends, Pilita Corrales, Nanette Inventor and Mitch Valdez performs on stage to prove to everyone that their luster never went out despite all young talents emerge in the concert scene. the Juicy Cat Dolls as what they call themselves provided laughter and wholesome entertainment to their audience at SM Megamall Cinema 9. i really enjoyed the show, so did mom and dad on their pre-valentine date.

of course, each shone in their own way. Pilita Corrales displayed her white and slender legs matching with her undying voice. still embracing her title as Asia's Queen of Songs. Mitch Valdez had her stint as a mistress and addressed all ups and downs as "the other woman". and Nanette Inventor shared the statements of a fat woman struggling to be skinny to blend in with the public who sees beauty in those who starve themselves. the only thing disturbing is her dress, you'll know why when you watch it. Cynthia Patag also graced the show portraying a kuger and did a marvelous song number.

catch the Juicy Cat Dolls on the repeat show at ONSTAGE GREENBELT 1 on March 5, 2010 Friday and April 2010, 8:30pm. brought to us by MAXIMUSIC

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