June 5, 2009

the Balangay sails June 24th!

the Philippines is so rich and it's got very interesting history. a part of which is the journey of the first inhabitants of the Philippines. one question might be how did they ever get to the archipelago? an answer is using the Balangay.

Kaya ng Pinoy, Inc. is motivated to recall how our ancestors traveled the seas by rebuilding the Balangay. thru the leadership of Art Valdez, the Balangay has been rebuilt and it is open for the public to see. as some people would thought that this is so ambitious and impossible, it has not stopped Mr. Valdez to rebuild it and now he's ready to sail the seas on June 24 2009.

as for me, i have already ridden it thanks to the invites of Kaya ng Pinoy, Inc. Mr. Art Valdez even relayed to us how our ancestors used natural phenomena as their compass and even traveling tools to get to a destination.

earth has even posted the course of the Balangay as it sets sail on June 24.

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