May 16, 2009

ANGELS and DEMONS movie review

i would like to applaud Ron Howard for delivering a movie that rises your interest from start to end. i haven't read the book yet but the movie itself has redeemed Ron Howard's not-so-good reviews from The Da Vinci Code.

another applause for Dan Brown for creatively stitching all symbolisms and artifacts of the Catholic Church's history in one fiction story that leaves us all thinking if they were true. the politics and ambitions that happen inside Conclave and the so-called "war" between science and religion.

as for those that have read the book and seen the movie, the pope dies and the College of Cardinals was assembled for Conclave. it was there that they choose the next pope. and all rituals are to followed as dictated by tradition: the destruction of the late pope's symbols.

meanwhile, an unexpected come back of the Church's enemy, the group of the Illuminati -- devoted to prove that science is the reason of all existence in contrary of the Church's belief that a Higher Power created all things -- raged upon the creation of Anti-Matter.

the Illuminati had their revenge by kidnapping 4 cardinals and kill them one by one in public according to the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water and lastly to bind the church in light killing all inside the Vatican City. even the killing of the pope was also plotted by the unexpected person, the Carmelengo himself. his presence inside the Vatican made him fulfill his ambition and igniting the war between the church and Illuminati. the manner of the killing among the cardinals were very gruesome and you will feel pity to them.

the movie gave us an inside tour of the Vatican and Rome and it was fascinating how they made the sets almost the exact replicas of the real thing. for they are not allowed with access inside.

i've read the other reviews and they have the same sentiments with this movie. the actors line-up was good and Tom Hanks did better this time. Ayelet Zurer as Vittoria was very effective to the role. and even Ewan McGregor played very well too.

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