April 26, 2009

WATTA TEMPURA! bloggers event

Yehey and Tokyo Tokyo invited us to experience:

and we had another adventure!
24 bloggers assembled at Tokyo Tokyo, Trinoma to hunt 2 tiger prawns going around the mall. the challenge is to take a group picture with two prawn celebrities, LePRAWN James and PRAWNis Hilton which can be found using the following clues to track them:

the PINK Team consisted of chris, hannah, sire, flowell and brian with a marshall from Yehey. i think the race was so infavor for us that's why we finished first on the race. LePRAWN James is found at Time Zone but there is a slight mistake for identifying it with another prawn. PRAWNis Hilton is just busy sipping her coffee from an even bigger venti-sized Starbucks cup.

we finished all tasks before the time limit of 30mins and fortunate enough to get into first place. the whole challenge is once again fun, thanks Yehey.

after the event and some photo ops of course, the GM of Tokyo Tokyo, told us more about these huge prawns made into tempura claiming that the rights of having the biggest tempura recall to Tokyo Tokyo.

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