February 3, 2009

They Aim to Guide Us Choose on 2010

so we only got more than a year for the next election. and personalities are already giving slight campaigns for themselves and we assume that ah, this dreams for a position in 2010. but do they deserve to be in that place? isn't it that we're tired of the same promises, programs and aims. we need the Obama of the Philippines that will bring CHANGE to the land. and please, let's stop all the crab mentality that's been lingering from the top positions of the country upto the smallest people.

now, a body that will guide us who to choose on the upcoming elections has been formed. the Coalition for the Deserving envisions to take us Filipinos to the better state of living well not maybe immediately but somehow guide us to choose the best leader for the next administration. it is formed by four parties: Aksyon Demokratiko, Reporma, Kilusang Bagong Lipunan and Bigkis Pinoy that will formulate a system that will screen our candidates on their qualifications and later on be DESERVING for the position they aim.

so what do we really need from a candidate? transparency, value, and effort maybe are the biggest factors that we consider. we should not be drawn to the person's popularity, wealth and connection on the political circle; if you are so fed-up by the current political system. i know you don't like what is happening there right? we really want someone who is DESERVING on that high chair to look and guide after us.

the Coalition for the Deserving is launched last Feb 3 2009 at the Manila Hotel, presided by Chairman Perfecto "Jun" Yasay along with the parties mentioned above. through them, we will be able to check on the candidates' winnability and fitness for office. and fortunately, we are able to throw in some questions about the group and they acknowledged the presence of the internet blogging community for a reason: WE HAVE A SAY. the community has been so influential recently.

spread the word so that everyone will be educated in choosing the next one. go to their website and sign up for your support.

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