February 22, 2009

My favorite BlueWater Treatment

i am so lucky to have been chosen as one of the bloggers who have been given an experience with the Spa Theater of BlueWater Day Spa. the foot massage while you are watching a movie is one of a kind. i totally recommend it to everyone who want to take a special relaxation after a tedious time at work. if you're going to try it out, you will not be wasting any money for the service is worth it. not only you got a foot massage, you also saw your favorite movie whatever it may be. a great investment for wellness. of course we know that there's pressure points on our feet that connects to the internal organs and also if these pressure points are treated well, it also promotes good blood circulation. so a little Php300 to Php550 that wouldn't be so bad right?

i know most people also want to experience this that's why i am going to share MORE about francis' business venture. i want to bring the people who are very close to me to experience the same thing. maybe for someone's birthday, after a long travel or even if we just want it.

if you live within QC, there's a BlueWater Day Spa in Capitol Hill which gives you the same very relaxing service. also, the area is very welcoming if you want to get out of the busy metro. take a look at this:

so if you want to get with one-of-a-kind spa experience, try BlueWater Day Spa.


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