February 19, 2009

BlueWater Day Spa Contest Winners - Experience

first, my words of gratitude to Francis Simisim for picking my blog at the contest featured in his blog. i really got excited when i found out that my blog was picked for that experience. last monday when i got the email, i already plurked it and eventually i knew who the people am i going to see on the event, chris, jonel, ada, azrael are some of the people that i knew.

when i arrived at the venue, i saw chris waiting outside waiting for a companion to be with upon getting in the spa. the spa is very spacious and very inviting with the receptionists not ignoring our presence. we were asked to fill up some form for their database. i thought there was going to be a raffle for we are asked to submit our email addresses on little pieces of paper. (knock knock Francis! hehe)

Francis is already standing by the foot spa entrance waiting for the guests to come. he's tall and of course very welcoming. you're the man, Francis, for putting up a business venture like this and this is BIG TIME!

then i met joy, we had conversations about the blogging thing and everything and she too was very excited about the treat that BlueWater Day Spa had for us that night. the food is already served and we really got to see firsthand the huge lazy boy chairs, the water-like illusion carpet and the theater-like foot massage room which is uniquely intended for your social gatherings. good thing that we arrived early, we are able to take some shots of the place, get the best seats and take the first bites of the food served. very healthy and light fruit trimmings and sandwiches with bottomless orange juice or nestea on the side. first step to heaven.

then the other bloggers arrived. since this is an exclusive event, the spa theater only accommodates 28 people for the chairs. too bad that not all 28 are able to come but at least we enjoyed the whole event. we were introduced to the Spa Theater and i observed the smile on the people's faces get upto the back of their necks. lol

first, Francis took us on a tour inside the whole spa area. but prior too that, i needed to take a pee for i've been drinking juice ever since i started to eat. and i was in awe of seeing a very clean and neatly organized men's locker room. very minimal design and very comforting.

we were almost like in a Star Trek ala Star Wars hallway with the BlueWater Spa's hallway. as Francis have said, even at the hallway you will already feel relaxed. then we entered the different rooms and most of us are ready to lie on the beds and wait for the therapists to come and give us the treatment we've been waiting for.

the amenities of BlueWater Day Spa

clockwise from top left: the Spa Theater, the Men's Room,
the Sauna Room, Private Group Room, Diamond Room for couples

when we returned to the theater, not long enough that the therapists entered with a grandiose entrance as if we are expecting a production number from them. then the lights were turned off and Kung Fu Panda started to play while the therapists did their work on our feet. words are not enough to describe the feeling for i almost felt asleep with the very relaxing treatment.

the review: 5 stars, A+, GUJAB, love it!

before i forget, the access to the BlueWater Spa is very easy. here's how.

so if you are planning to have your relatives and friends or anyone you want to be with and enjoy the perks i had, you can check their website at http://www.BlueWaterDaySpa.com or check the price list here.

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