December 11, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Live Chat with Cris and Charisse

i don't know if charisse had answered my other questions. i didn't get to transcribe some details kasi nagloloko ang webcam streaming ng e. paki-ayos po ito, webmaster. thanks

ohmski: were there very down times for
you on the island?

CHARISSEYACAPIN: yes a lot of times. lack of
food. homesickness

ohmski: if JC and Rob and you were not in the
final 3, who would you like to be in
that position? and on the final 2 and
sole survivor?


ohmski: cris, anung story nyo ng tatay
mo at dinedicate mo yung isang
immunity challenge sa kanya?

CRISCARTAGENAS: sobra kasi tatay ko kahit di
pakita, natutuwa pa rin siya na
nakasali ako sa survivor.

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