December 12, 2008

Survivor Philippines: CONGRATS JC! Finale Recap


waaah!!! ang sarap manood ng LIVE! partida lahat na-meet ko na.

7PM nagsimula magpapasok ng GMA ng audience sa kanilang new building. and before it all started, i met with the Dotcomers at the gate. thanks deeply for the ticket. Gigit and Patani acknowledged the presence of everyone who will be witnessing the greatest event of the night.

taping the first segments of the show. (oo, tape na muna, pero hintayin nyo ang details ng announcement of winner) scenes from the last Tribal Council was shown until the votes were cast. Kiko and Vern's votes were revealed. Kiko's vote for JC included a big exclamation point for his big support to the basketball player. Vern's vote for Rob may malaking ♥ at smiley face kasi... alam nyo na. the final 2 and the jury were on stage with their outfits from the last Tribal Council para mag-assume tayo na parang tinuloy lang scene. Paolo explained why they needed another vote from the Philippine viewers. para tie-braker incase maging 4-4 ang lumabas. justified! then Paolo tells the jury and the final 2 to meet him when they get back to the Philippines.

ang pagbabalik sa Pilipinas ay ok naman. kala ko maga-ala-Jeff Probst at malaking time ang ginugol pa sa pagshoot nito. pero ok naman na nakapag-helicopter sya going down to GMA. next time sana mas kaabang-abang ito. pressure! hehehe...

special moments from the show are shown before every commercial break. one is Patani's moment while acting with Marlon at Jarakay days. ininterview din ang jury regarding each account with the final 2. napanood nyo naman yun kaya dko na iisa-isahin. hahaha.. (tinamad lang ako.) supporters of the final 2 had live streaming too at their respective places: Rob gathered Mandaluyong citizens at the municipal hall and JC brought all Baste students to the campus. special messages were given by the mayor (?) of Mandaluyong and JC's HS teacher from San Sebastian.

then the votes were revealed. the Boto ng Bayan was a landslide given to JC earning him one vote. it's 93% over Rob's 7%. well, during breaks naman while we were cheering at the GMA studio, Rob is already raising JC's hand bidding his congratulations to the co-survivor. then Rob's name was opened, it was Vern's parchment. then JC, from Kiko. then Rob (secret muna) then JC, another JC, another JC and Paolo announced "ang kauna-unahang Pinoy Sole Survivor: JC TIUSECO!"

here is what JC got from the show: a gold pearl (auction for a replica, anyone?), Php 3M cheque, and the brand new Honda red car. Rob gets Php 300k.

the reunion show reveals more. abangan bukas after Ful Haus. BIG BIG BIG surprises!


  1. Mamimiss ko itong show na ito. Congrats JC.

    I'll link this in my blog.

  2. Kala ko winner take all ito. Bakit my prize si Rob?


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