December 2, 2008

I am so bored while I ate at Chef d' Angelo

last night after i went on some strenuous workout, i decided to eat some variety so i went to Chef d' Angelos at Robinson's Metro East. after selecting what to eat, i just said "number 2" to the cashier and thinking that it was the one i am looking at the poster. complete with salad, chicken, rice and drink: ergo, 1-pc Big Bird Meal. the lady asks me what sauce i'll be having and i thought, hmmm, i never had a sauce on that but i said, BBQ. glazed or not? on a separate container. and i added a New York Pizza for some sweet finish. then i checked on the receipt and figured out that it was a different meal. i never thought that "number 2" is Chef Sampler number 2 in the menu. it has 1-pc chicken (at least), fries and pizza. but good thing is, it's cheaper than Big Bird Meal. i thought i was getting away from the cholesterol of the pizza, fries and the chicken. however, i didn't mind and just waited for my order to come. while i was waiting, i managed to take some photos around CdA and what the waiters are putting on my table.

Angelo ba ang name nung chef na nasa pic?

then finally my orders came and getting photos should be stopped and i have to eat. just take a look at my "storyboards" and tell me if i didn't enjoy.

the story of the murdered chicken. kawawa ang manok sa akin.

weapons of destruction

New York Cheesecake (nang dumaan ang bagyong Ohmski)

after all that has happened, i will judge Chef d' Angelo in 3 words, "FOOD IS GOOD."


  1. and you pay how much for your monthly gym time again? food is too sinful, it must be a crime to eat in a place like chef d' angelo. ",)

  2. i'm not paying. the credit card does it. haha


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