November 26, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Kaye, wala palang kakampi

Final 5: JC, Zita, Rob, Cris, Charisse (way to go, Jarakay!)

underwear model, Kaye Alipio, shares a spot on the jury as last night's cast-off from the Tribal Council. sharing the voting ballots with Charisse, one of her two votes was disregarded because of the white pearl that was handed to her by Marlon. Kaye has been uncomfortable because JC won the immunity challenge which in contrast of her plan to eliminate JC out of the island. the "gapangan" wasn't very successful enough with her alliance with Cris because Rob was relaying her tactics with Zita and JC. Charisse was just quiet and luckily saved herself.

as Kaye left, Paolo let her choose from two cursed pearls: black or white. she chose the black pearl and gave it to Cris but he threw it away and that guaranteed him 2 votes on the next TC. a gentleman he is, Cris didn't want his tribemates to have another gapangan and another headache to choose who to vote next.

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