September 29, 2008

Photoshop Tutorial: Grungy Beer

another Photoshopping technique i've just learned. i used this technique to create a background for my Blogspot header.
  1. create a new file. i am using a flat black background with a 600 x 600 px resolution for the image. and i'm using a cropped image from my Oktoberfest pics.

  2. load your grunge brushes. if you only have the default brushes on your Photoshop, there's a lot of vector brushes found at keyword is Grunge. in a new layer, play with the different brushes with black or white overlapping each print from the brushes.

  3. place your image on a new layer.

  4. with your image, now in place, duplicate it as many as you can and flatten them out. be sure to hide your original image after duplicating it.

  5. filter that layer using Filter >> Motion Blur >> (any setting). repeat the filter if you like.

  6. change the layer setting of the filtered layer from Normal to Overlay to blend it with the grunge background. unhide your image.


Be kind to post your insights. Thanks.

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