May 3, 2008

what i want... (kahit dipa ngayon)

it's the year of the rat and i'm turning 16 again lol. pero with my aging also comes with additional blessings and wisdom. (kung meron nga!) but sometimes i just want to gain material blessings kahit di sya dumating right away. minsan ako na nga rin ang gumagawa ng paraan para makuha ko yung mga gusto ko. and now it's 19 days before another year of my life, i made a new list of things i wanted. hopefully may makaramdam dyan para magbigay! hahaha...
  1. an MP4 player - yung mukhang PSP na kahit mabibili lang sa CDR-King. 2G lang ok na.
  2. a phone upgrade
  3. an "OHMSKI IS MY IDOL" tshirt - i think Php350 ang pa print nito sa Digiprint
  4. a DSLR - kahit yung for starters lang.
  5. books, books, books
  6. PC or laptop
  7. vacation package to Camiguin
  8. a portable TV/DVD player
  9. cash (hehehe)
  10. someone who'll treat me at Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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