May 2, 2008

Malate Starbucks

April 30 2008

This was not my first time in Malate but my first time in that area. Basta yung malapit sa mga Korean bars saka sa Cafe Adriatico. (yung marami daw pokers also as I have observed.) Dapat kasi we are going to this "unusual store" malapit sa area to buy a gift kaso the person who was planning to buy that "stuff" can't come with us. So we just decided to go sa KP2 restaurant para magdinner.

After dining, Joy and the others were not that excited to go home yet. And I wasn't feeling alright because of the food. I craved for something hot to drink so we went at Starbucks. Sadly, Chal has to go home before we even had our drinks. And while wasting time, and it's still a bit early, we took photos.

Mawawala pa ba naman ang pictorial? Diba?


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