July 3, 2024

DESPICABLE ME 4 movie review

Recently got invited to the VIP screening of Despicable Me 4 and I was very excited to see the minions again and Gru's (Steve Carell) recent adventure. This time, juggling his way into fatherhood with his family and the most adorable baby, his junior.
The film starts with a school reunion — the LycĂ©e Pas Bon School of Villainy Class of '85 — where Gru (Steve Carell) encounters an old rival, Maxime le Mal (Will Ferrell), a French-accented insect-obsessed villain. An old time beef escalated that threatened Gru and his family's safety which AVL came into rescue.
While meeting new neighbors is a major adjustment with Gru and the girls while taking his cover from Maxime, a handful of minions are getting a major upgrade in AVL. There's a new line up of super minions that for sure you'll add to your collection. Aligned with Marvel superpowers, these minions are up to save Gru and his family. DM4 presents Gru in a more vulnerable guy than an unruly villain. 
Aside from Maxine, Gru has established another villain with no other than their school principal which is a total delight for us viewers. A sinister grandma is maybe what we needed for a more comic relief than with the minions entertaining us with their usual antics.

Despicable Me 4 is also a grand reunion of Gru's nemeses which you will find at the end of the movie. A fun closing to the installment. It's also a great treat to the fans to see them all in one screen enjoying their life in jail. Despicable Me 4 puts family as a major support in your background and Gru shows that he is another person on the inside and willing to sacrifice for the safety of his family.

Despicable Me 4 is now showing in theaters.

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