February 12, 2024

Dindo Caraig: A Rising Star with a Unique Voice Releases new single "Kung Hindi Ikaw"

Dindo Caraig, the promising young singer, is set to take the local music scene with his first single, “Kung Hindi Ikaw.” Composed by the renowned Vehnee Saturno, this soulful track has already garnered attention for its emotive lyrics and captivating melody. And last February 11 at Karma Lounge in Tomas Morato, QC, Dindo took the stage and shared his balladeer voice to the enjoyment of the media and closest of his family and friends.

During his launching concert, Dindo sang five that release his vocal range and show what's in his heart. The 25-year old Batangueno is proud of his influences like Sam Smith, Adam Lambert and Rivermaya to name a few. It also featured the music video of "Kung Hindi Ikaw" that also shows his true feelings. Watch the video here.

A proud member of the LGBT community, Dindo takes criticisms constructively and turns them positively and looks on what he can improve. Besides, he has well acceptance from his family, friends and supporters being Scripted King online.

A Match Made in Musical Heaven
Vehnee Saturno, known for his exceptional songwriting prowess, was immediately impressed by Dindo’s vocals. “The song really fits his voice,” Saturno shared. “Dindo possesses a unique range and voice quality that sets him apart.”

For Dindo, recording a Vehnee Saturno song is an honor and a dream come true. “I’ve always admired Vehnee’s compositions,” he confessed. “To have the opportunity to breathe life into one of his creations is both thrilling and humbling.”

Discovering His True Voice
Dindo’s journey to this pivotal moment hasn’t been without challenges. As a young singer, he idolized great OPM (Original Pilipino Music) artists, but he often found himself unintentionally imitating their styles. “I’d mimic their sound instead of embracing my own,” Dindo explained. “It hindered my growth as an artist.” 

However, a recent breakthrough changed everything. Under the guidance of his vocal coach, Mr. Roeder Camanag, Dindo explored a new technique that allowed him to tap into his authentic voice. “I’m more confident now that I’ve found my real sound,” he shared. “This technique has expanded my vocal range, especially on those high notes.” Roeder is also excited to explore more genres and gives a tease on his upcoming upbeat single.

Vocal coach Roeder Camanag and Dindo Caraig

The Road Ahead
As Dindo prepares for the release of “Kung Hindi Ikaw,” he remains hungry for knowledge and growth. “There’s so much more to learn,” he said with enthusiasm. “Every day is a chance to refine my craft, connect with my audience, and create music that resonates.” 

With his unique voice and unwavering determination, Dindo Caraig is poised to become a force to be reckoned with in the Philippine music industry. Keep an eye out for this rising star – his journey has only just begun.

Watch excerpts of the concert in my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/omar_itay

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