April 18, 2023

DICK TALK - a no-nonsense talk about manhood.

The topic of the man's sex organ has been almost a taboo but this day and age slowly makes the people more open on the topic of its size and purpose in a person's life. In V-Roll Productions' theatrical debut, Dick Talk, the phallus is described not just an object of pleasure but also plays a vital factor in the character of 5 different men, who had their own share of stories that will make them treasure the thing between the thighs.
It starts with how men talk about things comfortably -- with drinks. They take the audience on a constant mention of the word titi / tite so everyone will be get used of the word and remove the awkwardness in the topic. The monologues surround men of different age groups, who will be talking about their thing maturely. Beginning with a young man played by Gold Aceron who pleases himself in front of pornographic materials and then caught in power outage that made him wonder about getting his confidence with his unusually-shaped banana. The performance tells us that it's perfectly normal for every guy to play with the dingdong while young and the little secrets are safe even to the closest people in your life.
The next  is interesting and perhaps getting the political insights shaken during the performance of Rob (Nil Nodalo) - a woman who identifies herself as a man to the extent that she is willing to undergo surgery. His statement at the opening is like an alarm that makes you think why did he mention "5 men with 4 dicks." His story raises the interest and deserve an applause for opening an understanding in the trans people.
Third is probably the best material in the series performed by Mikoy Morales. Cecile, a soft man often mistaken as gay firmly emphasizes as straight. His upbringing and vanity maybe the reasons why he is left by his only love. He also regarded the penis and sex (which he stressed as love making) as the very sacred and beautiful things for him - and the audience would definitely fall for his character because we will believe that there is still a person like him.
Mr. Archi Adamos' piece gives us an idea on where we'll be -- senior years. And our manhood is no escape from the sunset of urges. It makes us overthink of what to do when that time comes. We might be very nonchalant in our current state but he warns us that there will be a time that passion regresses.
Lastly, Jake Cuenca's monologue puts the vulnerability of the macho. If I'm not mistaken that he is also a side gigolo somehow chains him in the expectations of his clients or partners. Behind that strong, and friendly face that will take you to pleasure, his deep disappointments in himself makes him to retaliate to the world, I guess.
Dick Talk is not your expected titillating material that would suggest erotic innuendos. It's informative actually and gives an understanding of the male psyche. For me the best material is from Cecile (Mikoy Morales) because it suggests that the environment is a great factor in the personality development of a person. A man is influenced by his surroundings and there will come a point that an individual may suffer from these influences.

Dick Talk is now playing at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium until April 21. For tickets, you may visit https://premier.ticketworld.com.ph/shows/show.aspx?sh=DICKTALK23

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